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Reagan’s Warning…40+ Years Ago. Wow. It Is Here.

Classic Reagan….

Ideology! Lets Tell The Libya Truth Please. The War Is Not Over!

The Obama-Libya-gate Spin

Greta Nails It.



….And The Next Obama Enterprise We Wish To Fund Is Government Managed Healthcare:

Solar Should Be Like Baseball: Three Strikes;You’re OUT!!

Obama: Missing in Action & The Real Emergency

$16 Trillion and Entering The “Death Spiral”

When Economist Richard Duncan Speaks…We Should Listen; After All, God’s Prophet Just Might Be A Regular Working Guy!…

“…What this pattern represents is a dangerous countdown clock that’s quickly approaching zero. And when it does, the resulting chaos is going to crush Americans,…”

We Are In A Mess! Kingdom Against Kingdom…Look At What’s Going On!….Zombies and Hollow-Point Ammo too?!

This Almost Comical…If It Wasn’t So Scarily True!

Quds: After The Libya Fail, Maybe Obama Will Take This One Seriously…???

Pirates of Pennsylvania Ave.?

Some Revealing Middle East Truths; Dangerous Days Arising.

From The Arab Spring To The September Tide.

Feeling Uneasy? A Front Page Worth Noting:…Murder, Mayhem, Riots, Protests,  Arab Revolt, America Election, Obama, Politics, Romney, Israel, Libya, Egypt, Iran, ?… A September 11 Tide Turning Event Again…We Will Not be The Same.

What Is $20Thousand Billion? Why, Just A Mere $20Trillion…In Debt!

This Story Will Get You Visions Of Those Futuristic Post-Apocalyptic Movies Where We Are Scrounging For Food With Rifles And Getting Warmed By Lighting Up Abandoned New Cars Full Trash; And In The Background An Old Weathered Obama Billboard Proclaims: ‘The Folks Asked For ‘Change-a-plenty’… I Didn’t Realize They Meant ‘Change’ From Their Twenty.’

Get Your Storage Cellars Ready. It’s Financial Nuts In America….Romney Will Need A Miracle Team From Heaven To Right This Ship. Throw In A Europe, Iran, Israel, Syria, Egypt, and Russian Dinner Table and The 2012-2013 Smorgasboard Is About To Be Served!

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