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Speak. For Your Servant Hears.

…Or, The 7-Minute Manager On Effective Prayer!

Don’t Develop Your Rapture Theology From The U-tube Truck Driver or Car Mechanic!. Let a Loos’ianna Preacher Tell You The Way It Is!

Pre? Post? Mid? or Not At All?…CommonSense and Logic;The Real Deal Rapture Theology.

God Wants You To Know What Is Coming. That Is What Loving Father Does. Take Heed And Do Not Spurn This Grace.

Satan’s Sneak Attack on The Kids. Playing The Shame Card.

If You Wonder How Low Satan Will  Stoop To Radicalize And Warp Your Children’s Belief System. Unbelievers Will Consider It Like Another Day of Observation, And Elevate It Right Up There With Earth Day. You Won’t Recognize A Normal Society in 10 Years,….If We Are Here!

What In The Heavens Is Possessing The Vatican?…’L.u.c.i.f.e.r’ it appears!

This Is Very Disturbing. Has The Church Lost Its Way? Building Super Telescopes To Find A Superior Gospel!….WHAAAAAAAT! Have you checked your clock lately? Do You Know What Time It Is?!

When You Die, Will Jesus Look At You,… Pause,… Then Look To The Father And Say: “This One’s Mine”.

No Matter Your Denomination….In The End, Only One Question Will Matter. Who’s Are You?

Satan Loves His Numbers And His Dates; Jesus Loves “My People”.

This. Is The Heart of A Christian. May We All Pursue This Level Of Humility and Service.

‘If You Open The Door, Jesus Will Do All The Work’. A Most Incredible Vision From A Once Broken Vessel

A Vision Of Christ’s Return. If You Think You Are Out Of Hope, You Are Not Out Of Time. Read This.

Are We Close? Do Folks Think You’re Nuts?…Maybe They Should Join You!

Trying To Reach A Family Member?

What Event Could Make ArchAngel Michael Stand Up?….

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