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Do YOU Really Know What Time It Is? Wake Up. Jesus Is Not Kidding!

God Wants You To Know What Is Coming. That Is What Loving Father Does. Take Heed And Do Not Spurn This Grace.

Satan’s Sneak Attack on The Kids. Playing The Shame Card.

If You Wonder How Low Satan Will  Stoop To Radicalize And Warp Your Children’s Belief System. Unbelievers Will Consider It Like Another Day of Observation, And Elevate It Right Up There With Earth Day. You Won’t Recognize A Normal Society in 10 Years,….If We Are Here!

Now, When Scientists Say: ‘Pray’, We Know It Just Might Not Be A Good Day!

Do You Ever Get The Feeling That God Is About Ready To Hurl The Big One At Us Anytime Soon??

NASA Pray Day

NASA Pray Day


Euphrates Is Drying Up!…And Guess What?…Oh, It’s Still Man’s Fault; Will Scientists And Tree Huggers Ever Read The Bible?

Folks. Wake Up Before You Get Baked Up! LISTEN To All The Multiple Signs From God Trying To Get Your Attention!! He Is Telling You: “I AM Coming For You Soon. The Rest Of The World Is About To Get A Visit From Uncle RALPH, Aunt BULAH And An Army Of Pitch-Forked Fire-Breathing Conscripts From WorldOrder One. You’d Be Better Off Not Being Here When They Arrive”!

Is It Possible For The Elect To Be Deceived?

Give This Video 8 Minutes….And Just See If You Can Stop Watching. Is Jesus Coming Before The Great Alien Deception!???

There Is A Good Reason Jesus Said To Put On The WHOLE Armor Of God….You May Well Need All Your Faculties On Active-Duty!…

And…..A Plea From The Lord To Not Succumb To The Deception.

Jesus Is Coming…But So Is The Great Deception!

The Coming World Deception by Tom Horn and Steve Quale with Doug Hagmann

If You Are A Believer, You Know What Is Coming;… If You Are Not, You Won’t Believe What’s Coming!

For The Great Deception Segment [Cues up at 35:55] Click Here Now:

Listen. Be Wise. Do Not Mock. Do Not Scoff. Read Proverbs 29.1

Watch Entire Background Video Here:

Isaiah 45:12 – “I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I, even my hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all their host have I commanded.””

4 Billion Light-Years Wide

4 Billion Light-Years Wide

God Once Again Stumps Astronomers.

If He Holds A Universe (Full Of Quasars) In The Palm Of His Hand…He’s Probably A Big Enough God To Solve Your Little Mind-Boggling Problem Too! Pray.  See What Awesome Thing Happens!

[pic credit: ESO / M. Kornmesser]

Significance of the Birds and the Fish!…Signs of the Apocalypse.

Just Might Be A Big Sin Problem In The Land?

Aliens?: Now For Something Completely Shockingly Different!…Will The Real Conspirators Please Stand Up!

Ever Wonder If God Has Any Enemies?

Date: Jul 31, 2012 4:26 PM
Subject: BLU BEAM

(translated to English from a Polish site)
Project BLUE BEAM is a secret program that uses images of a religious nature to create a holographic presentation on almost unimaginable scale. The form may resemble TV holography that provides visual experience without the use of any receiver. By using super-computers and satellite technology, this program will interact with the human mind on a massive scale, making the people will hear the “voice of God” and see it above their heads in the sky. Do you now what actually grabs will be a “false coming of Christ” and return false “gods”?

Already in the mid 90’s in the military and scientific circles began to swarm of rumors and speculation about a strange series of scientific testing programs. One of these programs is called HAARP (more on this in more detail in another article), another project called BLUE BEAM. It turns out that the government or rather the “shadow government” – the true ruler of this world – have created a weapon that not only is dangerous to human physicality, but it is a threat to the human mind. Project BLUE BEAM is one of the programs, which can seriously affect the moral values ​​of a particular person and on her mental health. One of the many possible applications of HAARP is the ability to project images on a huge scale in the sky, but the most important in all this is that this technique is to use signals that have a direct impact on the human mind so that even blind people can “see” the hologram! The project BLUE BEAM also be possible to transmit sound directly to the head man, in a process in which our ears are not involved – the sound is to reach out directly to the brain as electrical impulses. By using super-computers and satellite technology, this program will interact with the human mind on a massive scale. In a word, this project will make people hear is the “voice of God” and see it above their heads in the sky! And certainly the vast majority of them believe in the divine nature of this “miracle.”

For many ordinary bread eaters recollection of a similar secretive activities of the authorities seems to be completely crazy and unrealistic. This is what this is all based – “after all, they would not be able to do such atrocities” – thoughts of many. Well, unfortunately, can, do, do and will do worse things. The project BLUE BEAM vision of one world order will become very real, and this is just iluminatom about. Project BLUE BEAM is composed of four main parts, to be implemented eventually lead to the introduction of the new global religion with a global leader. One world, one religion, one God and one world government. Without a global religious dictatorship is not possible, as no universal faith, a new world order will never happen, it’s because the project BLUE BEAM is so closely kept secret from us.

STEP 1 – False discoveries and revision of religious truth

The first four steps of the BLUE BEAM applies to a revolution in the current archaeological knowledge. This will be achieved through the preparation and production of artificial earthquakes in specific places on the planet, with the result that there will be new archaeological finds. They appear to all men, that all religious doctrines are based on completely false assertions. Prepared this information will be used in a way comprehensible to all nations that their religions have been misunderstood and have for centuries been misinterpreted. Calling the earthquake will reach out to hidden areas of expertise, which disparages the current religious doctrines. This is the first step of the plan – the destruction of the current beliefs of Christianity and Islam on the planet with the use of false “evidence” of the past. You may be ‘discovered’ Ark of the Covenant, and what will be ‘found’ in the Ark would be proof that the world was wrong in their religious beliefs? Or maybe new records Christ talking about completely different truths than the one we know? Capabilities are many.

STEP 2 – Great Presentation

The second step of the project BLUE BEAM already completely annihilate the present religious values. Start a gigantic ‘space show’ with three-dimensional optical holograms and sounds. Laser projection of multiple images will literally every corner of the world in the same exact time. Each will receive a slightly different picture, however, in accordance with prevailing regional or national culture – so that everyone accepts what he sees. Sounds – voice of “God” will resound in the minds of the people directly in all languages. Current technology already allows for such miracles. Images will be sent by the satellites, which will take part in the projection, which took place in the so-called. sodium layer of the Earth’s mesosphere, about 90 km above the earth. Sodium layer (stands for “Sodium Layer”) is located within the mesosphere and shall consist of not ionized sodium atoms. The thickness of this layer is about 5km. In the process of projection will be attended by computers, which will coordinate the work of satellites. Holographic images are based on nearly identical signals as those used to produce an image or hologram with deep perspective with the use of acoustic waves ELF, VLF and LF and optical phenomena. So the effect of these screenings will be directed to show the world the new ‘Christ’ – a messiah, for the immediate introduction of a new world religion. The form of remittances – a shocking and unusual, to anything in the world niespodziewającego make the lie becomes the truth. I bet everything that 90% of people fall to their knees in the first phase of these events will not suspect anything. Maybe later, over time people will go after the brains – would! So you just keep this all to be prepared and avoid the biggest scam in the history of the Earth. It will be a really devilish cunning ploy aimed to convince mankind to fulfill the prophecies of ancient cultures and beliefs of the “re-coming of the Messiah” or “apocalypse”.

STEP 3 – Electronic artificial telepathy and mind

The next step of the project called BLUE BEAM. Electronic telepathy using ELF waves, VLF and LF, to penetrate the minds and affect ludzie and also interfere with the natural human thoughts. ELF waves (stands for Extremely Low Frequency – extremely low frequency) are in the range of radio waves with frequencies from 3 to 30 Hz and a length of 10-100 thousand. km. They are used widely by the U.S. Navy to communicate with submerged submarines. ELF waves are controversial, as is well known for their extraordinary impact on the human brain. Studies carried out on the waves with a frequency of 6-10 Hz showed that such waves can alter the natural frequency of the human brain.
The brain waves are a series of brain bioelectrical activity. The characteristic frequencies of brain waves correspond to a large extent states of human consciousness, and so we have: gamma waves (40 to 100 Hz), beta waves (12 to 28Hz), alpha waves (8 to 13Hz), theta waves (4 to 7Hz) and delta waves (0.5 to 3 Hz). Type of wave (frequency range) produced by our brain is closely linked with the activities they perform. For example, gamma waves are accompanied by action, much of human activity, beta occur at the usual daily activity, the alpha waves in the state of relaxation, relaxation, theta waves during sleep and in stages of deep meditation or hypnosis, delta waves during the deepest sleep, deep meditation, etc. So, the impact the human brain waves of extremely low frequency can be varied states of our consciousness, and also have an impact on the formulation of thought in our minds.
So too in the next stage of the project BLUE BEAM every person on Earth is to be placed within range of the waves of extremely low frequencies, which will affect his thoughts and actions. The waves drown out our natural mind and will create a completely new – Plastics, which will affect our behavior and actions. The waves will be emitted via satellite using the data of almost every person on earth, languages ​​and dialects. In this stage of the project BLUE BEAM could play a significant role in the HAARP antenna kit. Possible, then, is that billions of people around the world will receive the message – the voice of the Messiah, sounding in their minds. The voice, the religious fanatics that can give instructions and orders. Mass hysteria and chaos will arise if no words can describe. Control in its present form, the media, advertising, inculcated ideologies, religion, etc. would be nothing compared to the BLUE BEAM.

STEP IV – unusual manifestations

The next step concerns the “miraculous” manifestations that will be created by electronic means. The plan is to use well-known images of people from another planet (grays?), And their “flying disks”. Perhaps the drama played out under the title “on the border of an alien invasion,” which has touched every city on the planet. The ultimate goal would be to force the nations to unite and demilitarization of the UN. Theme will be used for fighting the forces of good and evil (Satan), the final intervention of an alien civilization to be seen as having divine intervention “save” humanity – so is it possible to come help us “friendship” reptalianie? But a scheme. People believe that the only true religion is the New Age and foreign arrivals consider angels, and perhaps even the gods. The last stage of the project BLUE BEAM would call supernatural phenomena with the use of electronics is available in every home – phenomena such as energy projections, evil spirits, poltergeists and the like. This has lead people to madness and mass hysteria. In this state of mind is always easier to control and manipulate people. According to the plan of the New World Order conspirators would then be implemented smoothly.

The most interesting part – the invasion of alien

Naświetlmy slightly wider topic of extraterrestrials in this upcoming drama. For many years the world there are rumors about the secret plans of the Illuminati who present to the world unique “reality show” called “bad alien invasion,” which is to consolidate the world under the aegis of a world government. Members of the Disclosure Project’s declaration in this matter issued, even before 9/11. According to them, a huge number of objects that look like UFOs are actually created in clandestine laboratories and studios, the so-called. Black projects in order to simulate the appearance of strangers, including the kidnapping and mutilation of cattle. This is to call the original fear of extraterrestrial life. Just like in the movie Independence Day, or in the War of the Worlds – an attempt to unite the people by the war, using the ET as a scapegoat. Therefore, in the coming years we must be very vigilant. Preparation of false and terrifying encounters with ruthless and murderous aliens create a new extraterrestrial enemy that will make everyone take a world government with open arms. Look at this quote spoken on 21 September 1987 at a meeting of the United Nations by Ronald Reagan – 40 President of the United States, which becomes apparent to all that is not only a fantasy:

“In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat that we can recognize this common bond. From time to time I think how quickly our differences would blur the global, if we were faced with a foreign threat from outside this world ”
A year later, the White House, May 5, 1988, Ronald Reagan spoke to the assembly of reporters spoke these words:
“I often wondered what would happen if everyone in the world discovered that we are in danger from the outside. Force from another planet. You in the face of this sudden discovery stwierdzilibyśmy not that between us there are any differences that we are all human, citizens of the world or not zjednoczylibyśmy together to fight that particular threat? ”

Project Blue Beam

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