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Ever Wonder How Your Normal Child Runs Off The Rails? Subtle Influence.

Watch Your Children. Watch What They Watch.

Satan’s Sneak Attack on The Kids. Playing The Shame Card.

If You Wonder How Low Satan Will  Stoop To Radicalize And Warp Your Children’s Belief System. Unbelievers Will Consider It Like Another Day of Observation, And Elevate It Right Up There With Earth Day. You Won’t Recognize A Normal Society in 10 Years,….If We Are Here!

“Strike Down” May Be Strike 3 For Obama. God Is Still The Umpire of America.

The Continued Unabashed Perverted Societal Destruction Continues With The Obama Administration. These actions will only steel God’s resolve to keep pouring out the Judgements.

Why The Covering Of God Has Been Removed From America.

Brilliant. Timely. Spirit-Inspired Extremely Important Message. Do Not Miss This Audio/Video From An East-Indian Christian Prophet.

GOD REVEALS SATAN’s Sodom and Gomorah PLAN AGAINST AMERICA….and JESUS is The Only Remedy. Pray The Tremendous and Powerful and Emotional Prayer at The End To Keep America From Captivity. Pass This To Everyone Who Loves America. “Spare Your People, Lord”.

“…The ‘Poisoned Fruit’ of so-called ‘non-discrimination’ laws and policies…”

Transgendered Man Exposes Self In Girls Locker Room….D.A. Says Its OK!?…. The “man” (Francis) says: “This is not 1959 Alabama,” Francis told the television station. “We don’t call police for drinking from the wrong water fountain.”

Judgement is here. God forgive us for what we allow in the land……and we are perplexed and wonder why we have Sandys, Irenes, and Katrinas!…and Andrews, and Charlies and…..whatever catastrophe is next in America.

ILLuminati TV!?…Occult Out Of The Closet…Now At Your Fingertips On Your Remote. ILL Is The Operative Word.

Ever Wonder Why You Feel Ill Watching TV?….THE SPIRIT OF REBELLION IS NOW OUT OF THE SHADOWS…..It Launched When?…October 31st Of Course! The Abyss Is Being Opened.

THE LAST DAYS Are VERY MUCH UPON US!…THIS IS SHOCKING!…HOW MUCH TIME WILL GOD GIVE US?!…The Next Ten Years Will Become Very Treacherous For Seekers Of God’s Son.

Sodom and Gomorah in Your Living Room…Whether You Like It Or Not.!

A Very Revealing Statistic. God Help Us For What Is Coming On The Land. In The Bible Story It Was Volcanos and Earthquakes…!

And The Heroic Perversion Pursues The Kids.

Gay Lantern??…Not Too Enlightening For Kids

DC Comics Writer: “It’s a realistic depiction of society,” he said. “You have to move with the  times.”…

(PalomaGenios: Oh, Really. So When Cannibalism Becomes Commonplace In Society We Have To Become Accepting And Tolerant Of That Also?)

This Is The Continued Assault On Real Boys Against Pursuing Real Masculinity. The Undermining Of The Role Of The Natural Father, Provider, Leader, Rescurer That God Designed, Ordained, and Shaped Men For. It Is Demonically Inspired. It Is a Sickness Crawling Into The Minds Of Young 7 -11 Year Old Boys That This Is Ok.

Not MmmmmGood! Montreal Cannibal Number 3. Third Hit In Three Days! This Is Straight From The Pit.

Miami, MaryLand, Montreal!…This Is Not MmmmmGood… This Is The Unleashing of Devils.!

If you have ever doubted prophecy unfolding, read this and related stories on crazed cannibals on the streets of Miami, Maryland, and Montreal all this week. Sexual Perversion, Killing For Pleasure, Drugs, Recording Murder,…and more….This Is Not A Graphic Novel. It Is Demonically Real. Get Prayed Up….The Wrath of God Is Not Far Behind.

(This first link to the Sun has some disturbing copy and links to perverted videos posted by the suspect. Use caution. Don’t play the video)




High Schools’ New Normal: We Can Only Go Downhill From Here.

So Now Watch The Floodgates Of Other Truth Pervertors With Their Versions Of Inflammatory “Free Speech” Provocative T-Shirts Start To Spill Across The Schoolyard. The Liberal Minded Courts and Judges Are Out Of Control. We Can See It Coming; Pretty Soon The ‘I Love Cannibalism Right To Choose Our Own Food National Association’  Will Offer Up Their Entry….And We Can Only Imagine The Grotesque  T-shirt Free Speech ‘Art’ That Will Inspire!

As Society Keeps Moving  God’s Morality and Decency Goal Posts, Pretty Soon We Will Be Fully In His  “END ZONE”.

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