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What In The Heavens Is Possessing The Vatican?…’L.u.c.i.f.e.r’ it appears!

This Is Very Disturbing.┬áHas The Church Lost Its Way? Building Super Telescopes To Find A Superior Gospel!….WHAAAAAAAT! Have you checked your clock lately? Do You Know What Time It Is?!

When You Die, Will Jesus Look At You,… Pause,… Then Look To The Father And Say: “This One’s Mine”.

No Matter Your Denomination….In The End, Only One Question Will Matter. Who’s Are You?

Is God Too Hard To Work For?

If You’d Like To Be Inspired For All Your Hard Work…click here!

Ahem…..Are We Awake Yet? God IS Tossing Galactic Alarm Clocks!

Look At These Recorded Prophecy Dates!…Look Out Your Windows!…(Or Even Your Microsoft/Mac LapTop Ones).

And You Wonder Why There Will Be An All Out War Between The Muslims and The Christians One Day! This Is The Despicable Blashphemy That Is Taught In Egypt!

The Worship Of Jesus Originates From A Body Part – And Christian Women Have A Better Use For Dogs. (Islamic 1:40 video with subtitles)



Satan Loves His Numbers And His Dates; Jesus Loves “My People”.

This. Is The Heart of A Christian. May We All Pursue This Level Of Humility and Service.

Now, When Scientists Say: ‘Pray’, We Know It Just Might Not Be A Good Day!

Do You Ever Get The Feeling That God Is About Ready To Hurl The Big One At Us Anytime Soon??

NASA Pray Day

NASA Pray Day


Straight Up Loosi’anna Preaching To The Lost: Who Is The ‘Church’? Who Are The Saints?

Pre-Cued For You Here:

What Happens To America?…And Why Israel Will Still Stand. The Judge Is About To Enter The Court.

Learning A Lesson Is A Little Like Having To Take Strong Medicine;

We Won’t Like The Taste, But We Know It Will Do Us Some Good. Here is Some Strong Medicine.

The ‘Inner Critic’. Now Doesn’t That Just Sound Like That Little Red Headed, Forked Tounged , Pitch Fork Carrying, Down -in – the – Mouth, Accuser of Your Soul Character Described in The Bible!?…..The Procrastination – Depression Cycle.

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