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IRANIAN Leadership: ” The Apocalyptic, Suicidal Death Cult ….” Please Read While You Put On Your Flack Jackets.

We Are In A Mess! Kingdom Against Kingdom…Look At What’s Going On!….Zombies and Hollow-Point Ammo too?!

This Almost Comical…If It Wasn’t So Scarily True!

Quds: After The Libya Fail, Maybe Obama Will Take This One Seriously…???

Pirates of Pennsylvania Ave.?

What Did Obama Do On The 11th Day, 4 Months Ago….? God Does Remember.


I Detect A Dire Prediction Is Now About To Be Delivered….God Help Us.

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And Along With My Islamic Upheaval Main Course, Can I Get Another Side Of Zombie?

Zombie Scene

….It was not immediately known what, if anything, Ciminio was under the influence of during the frightening ordeal….

[WHAT?….This writer must have been kidding, or afraid of being politically correct. He couldn’t descern demon possession if it gnawed on his fingers!..]. As prophecied before, it’s September 2012; We Are Headed Over The Cliff Across The Nation and Around The World! If You Aren’t Into Prayer…These Events Just Might Be A Cue To Do Just That.

Some Revealing Middle East Truths; Dangerous Days Arising.

And The Obama Regime Response Sings:…”Oh, Give Me Just A Little More Time…And Our Love Will Surely Grow….”. This Is Ostrich Leadership.

From The Arab Spring To The September Tide.

Feeling Uneasy? A Front Page Worth Noting:…Murder, Mayhem, Riots, Protests,  Arab Revolt, America Election, Obama, Politics, Romney, Israel, Libya, Egypt, Iran, ?… A September 11 Tide Turning Event Again…We Will Not be The Same.

Libya: What Leading From Behind Looks Like.

Don’t Believe in Drug Demons?!:”….California MMA fighter Jarrod Wyatt, accused of ripping out friend’s heart and tongue,…”

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