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“MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE?”…signed, GOD!….EXPERT WARNS HURRICANE SANDY IS A “MONSTER,” “BEHEMOTH” STORM: Is God about to shake us again? | Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog

IT’S BEING EYED AS A ‘PERFECT STORM,’ a collision of two arctic air masses with Hurricane Sandy early next week that experts say could pummel the East Coast and cause more damage than any storm on record. (foxnews)

Prophetically Perfect?

The storm was prophetically described in the January 14 video of this year by John Paul Jackson    Powerful…watch it all.

See News Article Here:

The Son of Perdition.The False Prophet. Is The Man Of Mystery About To Be Revealed?

Ever See A Movie Trailer About The Last Book Of The Bible?….Watch This For Ten Minutes. You Cannot Escape The Conclusion!… Who Is This One Man?

THE ‘lord’ of the RING?…Fraudster? DupeMaster? Muslim DoubleAgent?; TripleAgent? RogueAgent? The Great Ruse? Liar?….

The Unseen New-Under-World-Order Gets Stranger And Stranger And Stranger. Who Really Is This Obama? Are Americans The Chess Masters Or The Pawns?  Really Now, How Do You Explain That Ring!?

Ideology! Lets Tell The Libya Truth Please. The War Is Not Over!

The Obama-Libya-gate Spin

Greta Nails It.



….And The Next Obama Enterprise We Wish To Fund Is Government Managed Healthcare:

Solar Should Be Like Baseball: Three Strikes;You’re OUT!!

Obama: Missing in Action & The Real Emergency

$16 Trillion and Entering The “Death Spiral”

When Economist Richard Duncan Speaks…We Should Listen; After All, God’s Prophet Just Might Be A Regular Working Guy!…

“…What this pattern represents is a dangerous countdown clock that’s quickly approaching zero. And when it does, the resulting chaos is going to crush Americans,…”

Sodom and Gomorah in Your Living Room…Whether You Like It Or Not.!

A Very Revealing Statistic. God Help Us For What Is Coming On The Land. In The Bible Story It Was Volcanos and Earthquakes…!

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