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Now, After All That ‘Success’, Here Is The Poster Child For a Man Who Really Needs Jesus!

Ready For Jesus Yet?!

Young Rapper Escapes Satan. Awesome Testimony!

John Adams: An American Prophet. The Laws of God, The Constitution…and Martial Law.

President for Life?

…”the very basis of the Constitution rests on the concept of private property. “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God,” Adams wrote, “anarchy and tyranny commence.

Property must be secured or liberty cannot exist.”

Read about the Creeping Reality of Martial Law in America

Propagating The Climate Lie Solution: The Human “Species'” Needs “Heavy-Handed” World Dictator.

...Who is Next?

Climate Change Is Not An Environmental Issue. It Is Not A Man-Cause Issue. This Is The Lie: If We Fix Up Man’s Behavior We Fix Up The Planet That Sustains Him. Climate Change Is The Mercy Of God Trying To Get The World’s Attention: Smarten Up!… Or There Will Be No Supper! (Read: Marriage Supper of the Lamb).

Although these well-meaning, well researched, study-backed slick scientific narratives have all the spit and polish of a Detroit Auto Show, until the environmental gods get their fixation off the behavior of man and on the sin-root and repentance of man, they will continue to write and promote articles that allow man to slip down an ever steepening glacial slope, into more of the yes-we-can-save-ourselves foolishness…..and as we will read, directly into the World Government dictatorial system.

Even The Democrats Are Doubting!

The Big Doubt

If There Is Nothing To Hide, Why All The Subterfuge And Poltics and Media Jockeying?..This is like: ” We’ll Officer you know I have a license somewhere…I mean c’mon, I’ve been driving for years! You can trust me. I won’t speed in the future. I will have my people fax you a copy when I get home.”….and the Officer supposedly just lets you cruise on down the road. Would that really happen!?

Isaiah 9:10. What Is Really Happening?

Get Your Sneak Peak Here:

A Picture Of Demons Possessing A Soul; When You Can’t Figure Out Why This Happens.

“Ridiculous Atrocity”. says Madonna. The Irony Is That Her Position Is Exactly That!

(Or Sub Heading: Putin Is Right On This One.)

Ridiculous Atrocity?

Athiests. Just How Far Down The Wide and Lonesome Road Will These Un-Believers Travel?

Honey, God Shrunk My Brain!..Now I’m Born Again; And Other Anti-God Scientific Disbelief Reasoning.

Some Scientists Should Just Put Down Their Scalpels and Petri Dishes And Stop Writing  Dumb Articles That They Will Have To Explain Before God When They Die.

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