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Would You Care For Some Dinner With Your Coffee, Mr Zombie.?

Suspect arrested in gruesome Coffee County murder – WSMV Channel 4.

Violent Teen ‘flash mobs’ Baffle Cities

As prophecied in-depth last year on John Paul Jackson’ site. The continual ramping up of the breakdown of society via increasingly violent and dangerous mob rioting.

To date it has been mild. Once the tipping point is reached,: (a new 9-11 dirty bomb event; a national political tragedy, the real stock-market financial implosion, a massive Japan-type tsunami, volcano, and or earthquake….), well, you get the point; it will be all out mob asymetrical homeland warefare. That’s when being baffled really starts.

Violent teen ‘flash mobs’ baffle cities.

What In The Heavens Is Possessing The Vatican?…’L.u.c.i.f.e.r’ it appears!

This Is Very Disturbing. Has The Church Lost Its Way? Building Super Telescopes To Find A Superior Gospel!….WHAAAAAAAT! Have you checked your clock lately? Do You Know What Time It Is?!

And You Wonder Why There Will Be An All Out War Between The Muslims and The Christians One Day! This Is The Despicable Blashphemy That Is Taught In Egypt!

The Worship Of Jesus Originates From A Body Part – And Christian Women Have A Better Use For Dogs. (Islamic 1:40 video with subtitles)



Equating Chavez With Christ; And Other Ahmadinejad Blasphemies.

Bunker Up and Hunker Down, It Won’t Be Long Now. North Korea says it will launch nuclear attack on America. (Bush Was Still Right).

Ahmadinejad’s Jesus: Tell Us Now, Just Which Jesus Might That Be Hanging Out With Chavez? And Yes, He Is Alive, But Not At A Place Where You Might Think!

This Is How You Know We Share This Planet With Demons: Rape of 7 Year Old Child in India.

The Underground Truth Is That This is JUST One of The Reported Cases! It is Gross and Sickening Beyond Words. God Is Surely About To Pulverize This Earth With Cluster Bomb of Judgement.

Transgendered Child? He Is Now A She? At Age 6?!….The Perversion Is Reaching Biblical Proportions. Regarding Children, The Bible Says A Little Something About Offenders Wearing A Millstone Around Their Neck In These Cases…Including “Parents”!

Obama Military Madness. Kinda Like : Let’s Not Fight A Fire With A Perfectly Good Extinguisher…Because The Inspection Tag Has Expired!

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